Premature Ejaculation

Sadly, many men continue to allow Premature Ejaculation to go untreated keeping them from engaging in fulfilling sexual intimacy. This can cause physical and mental health issues for a man and his partner. It can lead to increased stress and decreased sex drive for fear of the premature issues occurring. Don’t live in fear. Consult one of our medical professionals today and find out what treatments are available for you.

About PE

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a health condition where a man will ejaculate either immediately after or soon after sexual penetration, which oftentimes means that neither he or his partner have experienced much sexual stimulation at that point. PE can cause multiple negative symptoms like relationship tension, stress, depression, and frustration, along with several other mental and physical health issues. Most of the time, these symptoms arise after several instances of PE; that’s when it becomes an actual health concern. When PE happens on a very rare occasion, it is not typically considered a worrisome health condition; that’s something that most men will experience at some point in their lives.

Premature Ejaculation is caused by both psychological and biological factors that range in severity. Causes can include: stress, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, an injury, relational tension, hormone and other chemical imbalances, and certain medications. If you’re experiencing PE, start assessing your situation by contacting or visiting Tennessee Men’s Clinic to speak with a men’s sexual health, medical specialist.

A medical professional will speak with the man to find out more about his situation to identify potential external and mental-health factors. He may also run some lab tests to check for hormonal imbalances and other potential internal issues. To expedite the diagnosis process, it’s very important that you be completely honest with the specialist, so that he can help identify the best treatment options for you. PE diagnoses have to be based on the specific situation of each individual, which is why we at Tennessee Men’s Clinic take the time to really understand each of our patients’ individual situations.

What are the Treatments for Premature Ejaculation?

Thankfully, while there are several causes of PE, there are also several treatment options to address the different causes. We offer treatments to address both biological and psychological conditions that cause Premature Ejaculation. Some treatments that we offer or suggest for men include:

  • Distraction methods
  • Control techniques
  • Condom use to reduce sensation
  • Sprays, gels, or creams to reduce sensation
  • Counseling or behavioral therapy
  • Reducing/stopping alcohol or drug use
  • Oral medications

Don’t just accept PE as part of your life. The right treatment could completely transform your life and rekindle your relationship. At Tennessee Men’s Clinic, we want to help you recapture the sex life you deserve while also restoring your relationship. Our team of medical professionals are men’s sexual health specialists who’ve helped numerous men get the right treatments for their situations. Connect with one of our medical professionals today, and let’s see how we could completely revitalize your sex life, mend your relationship, and restore your confidence.